Gloworm Family

My name is Ashlie.  My  husband’s name is Ben.  We have a small house with a fat cat, a son named Milo, and a new baby who will be here in February 2013.  I started this blog to write letters to Milo when he was just the tiniest little speck in my belly, and have used it to write and keep track of his life ever since then.

I’ve decided that this will be the place where I will also write letters to his little brother or sister, and collect memories of our family as it grows.  When each child has reached one year old, they will get a book of their letters and pictures as a keepsake.  They probably won’t care about this until they’re much older, but I forgive them for that.

I also keep track of of family and my own day-to-day as a wife, mother, and teacher at my other blog, Simple Girl.  Once my children have turned one, I’ll continue with updates and stories there.  Chronicling the life of my sweet babies is one of the nicest gifts I give myself.  Thank you for reading.


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