Elliott Shields: 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 months!

elliotts five month picture

elliott six month picture

official seven month pic elliott

elliott nine month pic sitting up

Weight: 20 pounds // Length: 27 inches // Hair: Lighter brown, long in a mohawk shape and around your ears // Eyes: Hazel green // Teeth: 2 on the bottom

Poor second baby!  It’s been MONTHS since I sat down to write you your letters.   There is no excuse except the fact that you have made us a family, and our lives are so full that there is barely time to breathe, let alone sit down, edit pictures, and try to decide what’s important to write down.  Still, I’m so glad that I do take that time.  Flipping through the hundreds of pictures your dad and I take, I watch you start to eat food, play with your brother, scoot around, legitimately crawl.

bathing suit


brothers shopping cart


eshy laughing

eshys first food



This is a little bit about our routine these days.  You go to school five days a week with Milo.  You have friends and crawl around and get into mischief.  After school, either Daddy or I will pick you up.  We watch movies, go for walks, and go to the park.  After dinner, you and Milo take a bath, read books, and go to bed.  Your crib is in the same room as Milo’s, and sometimes it’s hard to get you to sleep because you want to talk to each other all night.

Milo is truly, amazingly, your closest friend.  Whenever he walks into a room, you light up and start laughing.  Whenever Milo wakes up, he calls out “Esh?” which is his name for you.  You to tumble over each other like lion cubs; you hold hands when you’re watching TV.  You find each other in the room and watch to see where the other will move.  Everyone tells us how lucky we are that you both are such good friends.  It’s such a wonderful thing to watch.

apple eater

back it up

basket of baby

baths with milo



bros on the bed

eshy eating pouches

eshy first day of school



reading books


You aren’t a big TV watcher like your brother is.  You like to swing in the park, look around on walks outside, be strapped to Mama’s chest, and EAT.  Eating and Milo are definitely your two favorite things in the entire world.  If you see food, you start kicking, making little moaning sounds, and waving your hands like crazy.  Since I’ve last wrote to you you’ve gone through different stages of eating.  First, you had baby cereal and then we added different pureed baby food pouches.  You had combos like spinach mango, green pea and pear, and sweet potato.  After a while, you were so hungry that you were eating several pricey pouches a day, so I started adding other foods, like Cheerios and bananas.  When Milo was little, I’d cut his “big people” food into tiny little pieces and he’d put them in his mouth, but you are very different.  You’ll only eat things if they are in large pieces, too big to choke on but definitely not baby-sized.  Recently, I’ve started feeding you whatever the rest of us are eating, and you eat more than Milo on MANY nights of the week.  You like waffles, Annie’s Mac and Cheese, avocado, quesadillas, SWEET POTATO WEDGES, scrambled eggs, apple slices, and swiss cheese.  I let you try whatever you ask for, even spicy chilli, and I’ve had a hard time finding anything you don’t enjoy.  I love watching you eat.

eshy and daddy

eshy and mama


Basically, you are loved loved loved.  Your mama and daddy spend a good part of every day oohing and ahing over your smiles and your teeth poking through and the new milestones you hit every week or so.  Your brother thinks you are the most important thing in the house; your name is the first thing he says every day when he wakes up, and he never gets tired of kissing you, hugging (and trying to hold) you, and tickling your feet to make you laugh.

Sometimes I try to remember what it was like before you were here, and I have a really difficult time picturing it.  I feel like you have always been here, making us a family of four.  I used to think there were words I could put at the end of letters to explain how I feel about you, but there aren’t.  It’s not just love.  You and your brother ARE my heart.

Grow strong, sweet boy.  Love, your Mama.


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