Elliott: Three Months! and Four Months!

official three month pic

Weight: At least 10 pounds! (no doctor’s appointment this month) // Height: Probably 21 inches //Hair: Dark brown // Eyes: Getting greener! // Teeth: Still none

four month official pic

Weight: 12 pounds, 6 ounces // Height: 23.5 inches //Hair: Lighter brown, starting to fall out // Eyes: Hazel green // Teeth: Still none

My boy!  You are growing like a weed, time is flying so fast, any cliche you want can fit in this sentence.  It’s insane that you’re four months old, that we’re feeding you cereal, that your brother is starting to make you laugh.  We’re a busy little family.  We spend so much time out and about that I completely missed my chance to write and post your 3 month letter, so this note is is covering the past 8 weeks of our sweet little lives.  Everything is different now!

baby legs


Here are some basics: right now (at 4 months) you wear size 2 diapers, drink a 6 oz bottle every 3 hours, and wear 3-6 months clothing.  At night you start out sleeping in the middle of Mama and Daddy’s bed, and when both you and your brother are soundly sleeping, we move you into the same room as Milo- you have a pack and play in the room that you are almost grown out of, but it’s still working for right now.

Our days have a rhythm, if not a routine.  About half the time, Milo is at daycare and you and I hang out, run errands, play on the floor.  The other half of the time, Milo is with us and we go on adventures to meet up with other young families, go for walks, and hang out at the park.  We have a double stroller now and it makes it even more fun for us to go places outside- flea markets, neighborhood walks, ice cream places, parks all over our area.  We have a great time.


double stroller


You wake up around 5:30/6:00 pretty much every morning, and we have a solid routine of bath/pajamas/books every night before bed, but these are our only two guarantees of the day.  You are our gypsy baby- you nap wherever you happen to be lying, and we don’t really schedule our day around when you’re up or down.  Because you’re a good little brother, you tag a long to a ton of playgrounds and libraries and outings, and when we’re running errands, you either sleep or gently gaze at the people who stop to admire you.  You have a great personality; you seem calm most of the time, smile readily at your family and friends, and only make noise when you’re hungry or right before you fall asleep.  Daddy can make you laugh so loud and hard, and it’s his favorite thing to do as soon as he gets home from work.


reading with mama

elliott and miminaps again

park naps


Milo loves you so much.  He tickles your feet, he touches his forehead to yours, he worries when he hears you cry, and he tries to shove your pacifier in your mouth, even if you’re peacefully sleeping when he notices you lost it.  I’m really excited for a few months from now when you’ll be even better at playing together.


brother 2


In the past two months, you’ve had your first plane ride (to Florida!), met the rest of your family (in Florida!), had your first stomach bug (poor baby), visited Boston,  tasted rice cereal for the first time, gotten super handsome, and are really coming into your own.  In some ways, its so hard not to compare you to Milo, but in other ways, it’s not, because you are truly your own little person.  You have your own voice, your own smile, and your own laid back way of taking everything in.  I love spending time with you; it’s a real treasure to have you with me all the time.  My favorite part of every day is when I lay down next to you on our bed at night; we read some books and sing some songs and you look right into my eyes as you drift off to sleep.  It’s the most peaceful thing I’ve ever experienced.

mama and elliott again

daddy and elliott

It’s almost the summer, and I can’t wait to see what these next months together bring.   Your family loves you so, so much.  Grow strong, little baby.  Love, your mama. xo


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