Elliott: Two Months!

two month official pictureWeight: 9 pounds, 9 ounces // Height: 20.75 inches //Hair: Dark brown // Eyes: Indigo // Teeth: Still none, sorry buddy

Hi sweet baby!  You’re two months old, really almost two and a half months, by the time I’m writing this. Our days are becoming more and more filled, more and more exciting, and the time to sit and write doesn’t always present itself, but be sure that every day we are collecting moments and milestones and saving them up to record here for you.


Noteworthy things you are doing right now:

GROWING!  You’ve gained almost 3 pounds in four weeks!  We love it because your sweet face is filling out and you’re putting on that chub that makes babies so squeezable.  You are very demanding and take almost 6 ounces plus some breast milk every time you eat.  After so many weeks of you not gaining weight, it’s a huge relief to see the numbers on the scale and feel you heavy in our arms.

Rolling over?!  This is crazy but true.  When we do tummy time, if your arms are underneath you at all, you will angrily yell and flip yourself over onto your back.  We thought maybe it was a fluke, but you’ve done it probably five or six different times now.  If you’re on your back and angry enough, you will flip over onto your side and try to get back onto your belly.  You have a lot of strength, little guy.  You make me proud in that you don’t give up.

Screaming til you stop breathing.  I hate when you do this.  It happens in the evening about once a week, when I’m making dinner or have Milo in the tub and I have to let you cry for a little while.  You will scream, get a little louder, get a little shriller, turn purple, then stop.  I tell you sternly, “Elliott!” and you take a quiet little defeated breath and then look at me through swollen eyes.  It’s insane, Elliott.  Your Aunt Emily used to do the same thing when she was little, so you come by it honestly, but you scare the heck out of me every time, and I’m not an easy Mama to scare.

brothers snow



tickle tickleThe real story of your second month is your relationship with your brother, Milo.  When we first brought you home, it was hard for Milo, because he wasn’t used to babies or sharing our attention.  I was a little worried that he wouldn’t warm up to you, but I was very wrong.  Even though Milo is going through a lot of testing with Mama and Daddy right now, he saves his biggest love for you.  When we pick him up from daycare, he runs to your car seat, sticks his head right next to yours, and babbles high-pitched nonsense.  He kisses you whenever he can, and loves to tickle your hands and feet.  When you cry, he gets very concerned and runs over to an adult, like he’s saying “Do something, help him!”  We have to keep a sharp eye because he wants to pick you up very badly, and he’s too small to do that.   His favorite thing to do when he sees you in rest his forehead against your head or shoulder and sigh.  It makes my heart so happy to see the two of you starting your life as brothers on such a foundation of love.  I know there are lots of wrestling matches and fistfights to come, but right now, you guys are all hugs and kisses.

daddy and eshy

with mamaWe are falling into more of a rhythm as a family, now that you are eating and sleeping in slightly more predictable patterns.  Your pack and play is in Milo’s room, and now it’s your room, too.  Daddy gets Milo his breakfast in the morning while I feed you, and then Daddy gets some special time with you in the evening after Milo is bed.  Then you both sleep in the nursery for most of the night.  When Milo and I are doing a project in the kitchen, you sit and watch us in a bouncy chair on the kitchen table.  You and I go for solo walks or visit people when Milo is in school.  You nap in your carseat, or in the boppy on the couch.  We don’t have a normal “every day,” but every day is filled the same sort of things: feedings, baths, books, naps, pictures, errands, little projects, dinner, and a snuggle before bed.



whaaatYou are basically out of your newborn clothes, wearing 0-3 months and a few 3 month jackets that completely engulf you.  You wear size one diapers and drink 6 ounces in a sitting.  Your hands are frequently in fists, but when I feed you, you hold onto my necklace or lay your open hand flat against my chest.  You sleep with your arms wide open and your mouth closed.  You love to do long, luxurious stretches, with your legs tight and your arms reaching high.  You make dolphin noises when someone disturbs you while you’re sleeping.  You’ve just started kicking when you stare at the ceiling fan or light fixtures.  When someone gives you a pacifier you don’t want, you make a truly disgusted face and spit it out.  Your smell is completely different than any other baby I’ve ever held of met.  You look amazingly like your daddy.  These are things I want to remember about you at two months.

Here is something for you to remember: I love you so deeply it scares me.  You’re my smallest baby, and you’re wiggled under my skin and into my heart.  Keep growing strong, sweet cheese. Love, your mama.


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