Elliott: One Month!

elliott one month official

Weight: 6 pounds, 14 ounces // Height: 19.5 inches //Hair: Dark brown // Eyes: Indigo // Teeth: None, you’re just a baby, silly!

Hi sweet boy!  On Valentine’s Day you turned one month old!

Here are some firsts from your first month:

January 18th: First outing (the doctor’s office doesn’t count!) to Target with Milo, Mimi, and I!

January 27th: First play date with Manny, my friend Gina’s son.

January 29th: First trip to Southeast Elementary ( Mama’s work).

January 29th: First trip to the Leominster Library.

February 9th: First Blizzard, we were snowed in for a weekend with Milo, Daddy, and Aunt Lulu!

February 14th: First holiday- Valentine’s Day!


Here are some nicknames we’re calling you right now:

Eshy (which we always mix up with your brother’s nickname, Mishy)


Sweet Cheese

Smalls (Aunt Lulu really perpetuates this one)

 arm chair


 You’ve been with our family just over 4 weeks, and we’re definitely hitting a groove.  I understand more about your personality and am beginning to be able to anticipate what you need. You are small but loud, and I have a feeling that you’re always going to make yourself heard quickly.  When you were first born, you lost a lot of your birth weight, which is normal for babies, but it took you a little while to start gaining again.  When we started adding bottles of formula to the breast milk you were drinking, you started gaining weight at a good rate.  By the time we had your one month appointment, you had gained 22 ounces in only 18 days!  I was so happy to see that you were getting the food you needed and can tell that your features are filling out and looking less fragile.

Because I’m still nursing you, we spend a lot of time together.  Daddy and Milo are home in the morning, but when they are at work and school, we’re a team, running errands and doing things around the house.  Overnight, Daddy is a huge help with changing your diapers and making you bottles, but you and I log some long hours in “our chair,” eating and watching episodes of SNL and Parks and Recreation.   Sometimes I’m very tired, but I love the relationship we have.


With everyone in our family, you’re making more eye contact and really studying our faces.  You have a very sweet and small mouth and you usually shape it like a perfect O while you’re checking everything out.  Milo is really warming up to having a baby in the house- he loves to press his forehead against your head and play with your hands and feet.  When you cry, he yells at your Daddy and I to help you or tries to put his pacifier in your mouth.  When he sees you after a long day at school, he sticks his head into your car seat and makes high pitched lovey noises.  Watching the two of you start a bond is so special to me.  I can’t wait to see what else will happen.


three guysWe are a loud and happy family, and you are fitting right in like a puzzle piece we didn’t know was missing.  I’m so proud of you, my second and smallest son, a sweet little pumpkin who makes our family complete.  People love to tell your Daddy and I, “Enjoy your boys, time flies so quickly.”  We hear it ALL the time, from family and friends and strangers in the dentists office.  It sounds like a cliche, something you say to new parents when you’re not sure what else to say, but I’m starting to realize that it’s a warning.  They’re very serious.  If the rest of the months fly as quickly as this one, you’re going to be rolling, walking, running away before we know what’s happening.  No matter what the speed of this life is, I’m so glad I get to go through it as your Mama.  I can not what to see what the rest of this year has in store for you, my little sweet cheese.

apple fields

p. s. Here are some pictures comparing you and your brother on the day you were born and in your one month picture, and a link to the one month letter I wrote for Milo.

newborn comparisons

one month comparisonMilo’s one month letter


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