Milo: Seven Months! AND Eight Months!

Weight: Probably around 19 pounds, no doctor’s appointment this month! // Length: 27 inches //Teeth: Two proud bottom teeth! // Eyes: Blueish-green // Hair: Blondish-brown, getting longer everyday

Weight: Still guessing, but probably around 20-21 pounds // Length: 29 inches? //Teeth: Four chompers; two on top, two on bottom // Eyes: Blueish-green // Hair: Blondish-brown, starting to curl around your ears, and you have hat hair and bed head now

(Can I say how hard it’s getting to take these pictures?  You hate being on your back, silly boy.)

 I’m majorly cheating.  I started working on this month’s letter when you were only three days away from being 8 months old, and it seemed silly to push out two letters so close to each other.  I’m blending these together and  giving you memories and tidbits from the past TWO months.  You have been changing so quickly, and our lives are so flat-out busy, that I can barely describe what’s happening.  You are not a baby baby anymore.  Here are some things that you eat, and say, and do:

You wear 6-12 month or 9 month clothes and size four diapers.  In the sun, we have a constant battle to keep your baseball cap on your head, but you’re pretty patient with my sunscreen application.

You eat blueberries, banana, cherries, mango, apples, watermelon, avocado (reluctantly), Baby Mum Mums, Ella’s Kitchen ginger teething cookies, pureed baby food with grains and greek yogurt blended in, and baby puff snacks.  You love it when I let you have some of the grains of my rice from my dinner.  You drink water from a sippy cup, and still take bottles through out the day.  You stole a sip of Daddy’s iced tea and grinned.  You are definitely opinionated- some days you don’t want a kind of food, and you spit it right out.  You like to hold the spoon while we direct it towards your mouth, and you’ve just started picking up small puffs and pieces of fruit by yourself.  I can’t wait to introduce you to different foods and watch you become even more independent with your feeding.  Such a healthy boy!

You can be pretty vocal through out the day, especially when you’re falling asleep or waking up.  You make this kind of half-bored groaning noise on repeat when you are getting tired- it’s a dead giveaway that you’re about to conk out.  Lately, you’ve been waking up and making that noise for awhile before letting us know you want us to come get you.  It’s cute and weird, like you.  You have even more defined cries than before; you have a new high-pitched whine that you use for attention, or when you want something we’ve moved out of your grasp.  You’ve also started pumping your arms and “hitting” when you are very angry or very excited.  You say “bwah” and “buh buh buh,” and there have even been some “mamamama” and “dadadada” strings of sound, even though we’re pretty sure you’re not making any connection between us and our names yet.  You blow spit bubbles and make whisper/scream sounds when you’re playing by yourself.   I can’t wait to hear what you say next.

You’re ALMOST on the move.  Right now, you always sleep on your belly with your head buried in the mattress and your knees pulled up.  It looks like a yoga move, and the first time someone new sees it, they always worry about your breathing, but you flip yourself into that position every night.  This means that when you wake up, you push right up on all fours and rock back and forth.  When you’re groaning yourself to sleep, you roll/crawl/flip/sprawl all OVER the place in your crib, and even on the floor in the living room, you can scoot around where you want to go.  It’s not quite crawling yet, but it’s so exciting and nerve wracking to know that you’re so close.  In the tub, high chair, and car seat, you always use your upper body strength to hang over the side and try to see whats under you.  You’ve discovered the fine baby art of dropping, but don’t usually freak out when you lost your treasure, and in the tub, you’re smart enough to get whatever you dropped back.  You grin when we cheer for you, and despite several good whacks to the head, you rarely cry when you get hurt.  You’re a bruiser.

You like books that have a texture element, sucking on pieces of string (ribbons on toys, velcro straps on stroller chimes, any of the buckles that reign you in through out the day), watching Thomas the Tank Engine and Super Why, being in the stroller, dancing to music, being upside down, squeezing the nipple of your bottle (you laugh hysterically when it pushes little puffs of air and/or milk on your face), turning on and off your sound machine by slapping at it, your gloworm toy, glasses, iPhones, and remotes. You hate when iPhones, glasses, or remotes are taken away from you, being buckled in the car seat, when the sun is in your eyes, when you have to be on your back at all, when you lose your passy and are too exhausted to find it again, or when Mama cleans your nose.

We’re still enthralled by you, the new things you do, the funny faces you make, the way you sleep (or not), the foods you try (or spit out), the way you make everyone so happy just by existing.  The best part of my day is pulling in the driveway when I get home from work; Daddy always has you waiting in the window, and seeing your little head bob while you watch the big car roll towards the house reminds me what our little family is all about.  We’re all about each other.  Sorry I missed a month.  Summer is here, I’m going to be getting a lot more time with you, and I’ll make sure to keep track of our adventures.

Love you more every second, Mama


3 thoughts on “Milo: Seven Months! AND Eight Months!

  1. i just love this you better keep this up for the next one the frist one always gets pictures baby book finshed second one don,t have time to tired at least thats the way it happened in are family

  2. What a difference between seven and eight months! He looks like a little boy and is even cuter and cuddly now. He has a longer attention span and I love how his little arms and legs move when he anticipates something like a TV show he recognizes or when mama and daddy come in the door. What a delight! Enjoy your trip to Florida–can’t wait to see the photos. xxoo

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