Milo: Six Months!

Weight: 17 pounds, 9 ounces // Length: 27 inches //Teeth: One is hovering right at your bottom gum! // Eyes: Blueish-green // Hair: Blondish-brown, covers the tips of your ears on the sides of your head!

Milo, you have been with us for half of a year.  I cannot believe how fast time is going, or all the amazing things you do now.  I’m writing this letter pretty late (You’ll be 7 months in 1 week.  AH!) but I never want to waste any time when you’re awake.  Every day you’re doing new things.  Watching you, whether it’s with a smile or lunging forward to stop you from falling, takes up all my time.

You like to dance and hear music, you like to go for long walks in your stroller, you like to eat!  You desperately love iced coffee cups and you’ve figured out how to get the straw into your mouth.  We read lots of books and you spend the entire time gently slapping the pictures and trying to get the bottom edge of the book into your mouth.  You like the way it feels or sounds when you scratch textures, and you constantly open and close your hand over couch upholstery and your lamp shade next to the chair in your nursery.  When you want something to get closer to you, your wiggle your hand in front of it, like you’re trying to wave it nearer.  You have new and different cries: you whine now, cry from frustration, make a different sound when you’re hungry, and a different sound when you’re hurt.

You eat a lot of different foods.  Right now we serve you pureed fruits and veggies in bright, colorful pouches.  You also love to gum on these baby wafers called Baby Mum Mums…they dissolve in your mouth, and you love to hold them between your lips and let the end stick out.  This is incredibly adorable.  You like to taste whatever Daddy and I are eating, and you’ve snacked on everything from apple and clementine slices to my spicy Thai Butternut Squash soup.

We go to swim class once a week.  I think that you were a little young for it at the start, but you don’t cry in the water, and you like when we’re singing our songs and dancing around the pool.  More than anything, you want to eat the pool dividers.  I won’t sign you up again until you’re probably about a year old, but I’ve loved our little Saturday morning date.  I like showing you off.  I just like being with you.


People call you busy, alert, and  active.  Your head is always swiveling.  Your legs are always kicking.  Everything is in your mouth.  You are never still.  You save your smiles and dole them out sparingly.  You are head over heels in love with your Daddy, and laugh hysterically whenever he is near you.  Just when I’m getting a little worried that you and I haven’t bonded the same way, you’ll snuggle up to me, wrap my hair around your fingers, and stare into my eyes.  You’re our little boy, and we both love you so much.


2 thoughts on “Milo: Six Months!

  1. Just checked Ben’s baby book stats. At 6 months he was 18 pounds and 26 inches. I don’t have another entry until 10 months and at that milestone he was 20 pounds and 28 inches. I love the six month entry and I can’t believe he is nearly 7 months–unbelievable!! Love, Mom/Nona

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