Milo: Five Months!

Weight: I would guess about 16.5 pounds, but no doctor visit this month! // Length: About 25 inches //Teeth: Zero // Eyes: Still blue! // Hair: Blondish-Brown, growing longer every day

 Hello sweet thing.  You are five months old.  That is five months of kisses, five months of white noise, five months of passies and your puppy and board books and soft blankets and silly cooing noises and changing pads and visiting with people who love love love you.  Almost nothing about you is the same as when you were born.  Your legs are longer, your belly is rounder, your cheeks are more bitable and your expressions have grown so much.  You wear 3-6 month clothes and 6 month pajamas.

You use your voice all the time, for laughing and singing and slurping on your lips.  When you sit in the car seat, you gaze up at your caterpillar and lion and you absolutely call to them at the top of your lungs, reaching up your hands and trying to hold on.  You hold your bottle  and anything that is remotely bottle-shaped gets lunged at with an open mouth.  You have new toys (play car keys, a great big exersaucer) and you just began eating solid food in the form of rice cereal!  Daddy and I keep saying “This is the best age.  This is the most fun we’ll ever have.”  Just when we’re sure, it gets better.

Here are some firsts from this month:

March 1st: Your first time out in the snow.

March 12th: Your first taste of rice cereal!

We sit in the kitchen where your swing has been turned into a high chair.  You are already an eating pro, grabbing the spoon and propelling it into your mouth just like you do with your bottle!  We are so proud and can’t wait to start adding in veggies and fruits!  We also let you have tastes of things that you reach for like our apple or orange slices.  I love that you try lots of things.

This is a picture of our family.  It’s a little bit blurry, but it shows how happy we are.  We look like this often.


4 thoughts on “Milo: Five Months!

  1. milo this is your great grandmother whitney your are the cutest little baby boy and happyest on face book you make me smile every time i love you so much i can’t wait to hold you and kiss you love you baby grandma

  2. Your letters are precious to me. Someday it will slip your mind that he slurped his lips and you will have this record to remind you. Love you ❤

  3. Ashlie, This is my favorite monthly post of all! It shows the culmination of all the hard work and love that you and Ben have put into Milo’s five months. The pictures are beyond gorgeous. I know it hasn’t always been easy but you know how to make the most of it! Love and xxoo Mom/Nona in Ipswich

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