Milo: Four Months!

Weight: 15 pounds, 5.5 ounces // Length: 24.75 inches //Teeth: Zero // Eyes: Still blue! // Hair: Blondish-Brown, sporting a bald spot in the back where you lay when you sleep.

My wonderful boy.  When you were first born, it seemed like there were almost years between these letters.  I would save little stories and ideas, waiting impatiently for the day I could pile them up and make my monthly post.  That beginning of us was only four short months ago, but time is completely different now.  You’re growing so fast, and our family is changing so much, that even though I am writing this ten days late, it seems like I was just getting the three month post together a minute ago.  Even though this is overdue, these “official” monthly pictures are from February 13th, the day you turned four months old!

 Part of the reason this is so late is because your 4 month doctors appointment was just a day ago.  Right now you drink a 6 ounce bottle every three hours and have an 8 ounce bottle before you go to sleep, so I was very anxious to see what your weight was!  You are growing so well, weighing over double what you did when you were born!  The doctor was happy with all your stats, the way you followed light and try to sit up, and the fact that you sleep so well- 12 hours a night (6:30-6:30) with only one wake up for a bottle in the night! You were also very brave when they gave you your 4 month shots.  Thankfully, it is my school vacation and Daddy planned to go into work late so we could both be with you- shots can be sad sometimes.

Here are some firsts from your 4th month:

January 22nd:  Your first time rolling over (on the couch at Aunt Lulu’s house…you haven’t done it again, so I think it had to do with our coaching you and the couch being squishy and helping you.  We got it on video.)

February 3rd:  Your first time sitting forward in the stroller

February 4th: Your first time sitting in the front of a shopping cart

February 11th: Your first time sleeping over without Mama and Daddy (you stayed with Nona while we went to Daddy’s work party in Boston, and you did a great job)

Our family has a pretty solid routine right now.  You usually wake up around 6:30 while I’m getting ready for work.  I scoop you up and bring you in to cuddle in bed with Daddy, watching cartoons and having a bottle for breakfast.  While I’m at work, you and Daddy do chores together, play games and tickle, and go for lots of walks in the stroller.  You take cat naps and Daddy takes care of bills and house repairs.  When I get home, we’ve started a routine of bundling you up and pacing up and down our street with the stroller until it’s too dark to see anymore.  We’re lucky that it’s such a mild winter because this is the perfect chance for you to have a nap in the fresh air.  Then it books, bath, and bottle before bed.

Aunt Lulu and Mimi are both missing you very often, so we do Facetime with them almost every day- it’s a program where we can use our phones to see each other and talk face to face.  We see Nona and Grampy and Uncle Andrew as much as we can, and they love to bounce you and play games, now that you are a little more able to interact.  Everyone asks about you and we send pictures on our phones all the time, so all your spread-out family can see how much you grow.

Right now, some of your favorite toys are your Sophie chewer, your gloworm doll, and a plastic set of keys that plays music and, for some reason, also makes animal sounds.  We read a lot of board books, and the two favorites right now are Snuggle Puppy and The House in the Night, which has black and white ink illustrations that you stare and stare at.  You have found your voice, and you love to sing and growl in the mornings.  Your fascination with the fan is back, and when we visit places with a fan, you quickly notice.  You always need to face outward and you take in everything!

Daddy can make you laugh like no one else.  Whenever he walks in a room, your face lights up and you laugh and laugh.  The bond between you is so special to me.  You and I have a special time, too.  When we read together, you snuggle into me, take your pasey, and listen gently.  Daddy riles you up, I calm you down, and you make us both so happy.  We are a circus and a puzzle and a work of art; all of us make up a part of this house that is full of giggling and cameras clicking and books stacked in the corner and silly songs all day long.  Thank you for making us a family.

Love, your Mama.

PS little man: Your gloworm is from Sarah, and your monkeys are from Reecie and Hopie.  You have so many people who shower you with gifts, but these are special things you keep in your crib and play with all day, so thank thank thank you to them!


5 thoughts on “Milo: Four Months!

  1. Thank you Ashley. I live to read these letters. Your words to your boy bring me to tears every time and the pictures ….they mean the world to me. ❤

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