Milo: Three Months!

Weight: I’m guessing around 12 pounds- this is your first month with no check up // Length: Maybe about 24 inches? //Teeth: Zero // Eyes: Blue, but darkening // Hair: Blondish-Brown, headed toward mullet territory

Hi there, tiny one. Your third month on this Earth was INSANE.  You have done so many things, met so many people, and been so many places.  Let me get you up to speed:

Things were moving along pretty normally until it was time to celebrate Christmas.  You have so many people who love you that you had TWO Christmases.  We spent one weekend in Ipswich with Nonna and Grampy and Uncle Andrew, and you got to meet cousins and spend some time with Irene and visit with so many people.  You got a beautiful mobile and some amazing stroller charms that look like Eric Carle characters, as well as some sweet, cozy clothes and fun toys.

After our sleepover in Ipswich, we got ready and got Aunt Laurel for our big journey to Florida!  We flew there and you were SO good, all the way through security and take off and landing.  In fact, the majority of the time, you were sleeping.  Once we were in Florida, you finally got to meet Grandpa Ray, Aunt Emily, and Aunt Julianna.  After a few days, the Swensons got there and you met Hopie and Reecie, two cousins who love you very much.  We drove to Ft Myers and met Grandma Whitney and Papa Whitney.  You really made every single person we saw very, very happy.  It was a week-long trip, but my favorite part was taking you to Ft Myers Beach.  I’ve been going there every year since I was very little, so it was special to put your toes in the sand and water, and let you have a tiny drop of melted DQ Blizzard off the end of my finger.  Ft Myers Beach is the place where I have the most memories of Grandpa Kevin, so it was really special to spend time with our whole family there.

The biggest change that happened in this third month is that I have gone back to work.  As soon as the New Year started, we all began our new family routine.  During the day I teach first grade at a school about ten minutes up the road, and Daddy stays home to play with you.  On the weekends, Daddy goes to work and I stay home with you.  On the weekdays I miss you a lot, but as soon as I get home, you and I have some special time together before I give you your bath, bottle, and bedtime.  Sometimes we stay home and read books or watch TV while you play on your activity mat, and sometimes we go to the library or Target or some other really fun place.  It’s hard to be away from you during the day, but I have my big kids to teach and Daddy sends me pictures of you on my phone to keep me from getting too sad.  I’m proud to be a working mama and show you that ladies can have wonderful families, even if they are making money by doing something else part of the time.  I also know how lucky we are that Daddy can be the one to take care of you when it can’t be me.

Here are some firsts from this month:

December 20th: Your first plane ride to Florida

December 20th: The first time I had you hanging out with no socks or pants on 🙂 It was hot in Florida!

December 24th: Your first time overnight in a hotel

December 25th: Your first time in the Atlantic Ocean

December 25th: Your first time digging your toes in the sand

December 25th: Your first taste of ice cream (I let a tiny bit melt on my finger and put it in your mouth.  You loved it!)

January 1st: Your first night sleeping in the crib in your nursery

January 3rd: Your first day home with Daddy

January 8th: Your first flea market

Here are some pictures from this month:

You are a very different boy the you were in the middle of December.  Your face has filled out and your legs are much chunkier.  I love it.  You shove everything in your mouth, including your rubber Sophie doll and your own poor fist.  When I wipe your mouth when you’re drinking, you try to suck the cloth in and gum on it furiously.  You drool and drool and drool.  You wear 0-3 and 3 month outfits, and it’s really fun to go through the clothes I’ve stored away and see all the cute clothes people gifted you.  You hold your head up very well and love to face out in the Baby Bjorn carrier.  You have a need to see the world.

 You growl and gurgle and make very conversational noises when you’re in a good mood.  When you’re angry, you have different cries and shouts for different feelings.  We can tell that you’re about to get upset because you make little fussy noises in the back of your throat.  Aunt Laurel called it “poppin’ and crackin’,” and now we do, too.  You sleep like a big boy in your crib in the nursery for the whole night, and you only wake up one time.  In your crib you have a really cool white noise machine that Aunt Tanya bought you, a fuzzy blanket to keep warm, and your puppy.  I am still forcing the puppy on you.

Your best time of day is the morning.  Often, you’ll wake up grinning and in a great mood.  When Daddy or I or anyone you love walks into the nursery, you look up through the crib bars and beam with a big smile.  It’s the best part of my morning to share smiles with you, then get you changed and snuggled and back in bed with Daddy before I take off for work.  With Daddy, you like to laugh when we sings you silly songs and you love to watch The Cat in the Hat on TV.  You and I read a lot of books together; your favorite right now is one called Swing that has moving pictures inside.  When the three of us are together, we go on adventures or out to eat.  That’s our special family time.

We say all the time that we can’t remember our life before you were here, and as each month goes by, it gets more and more true.  We keep adjusting and growing into each other, getting used to new routines and making new memories.  We still look at pictures of you and swap stories about you when you’re asleep.  I’m already forgetting when you looked like when you were three days old, I can’t wait to know what you’ll be like when you’re five, but most of all, I’m glad that I have these pictures and this letter to trap you exactly like you are today.  I love being your mama.


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