Milo: Two Months!

Weight: 10 pounds, 6 ounces // Length: 22 and 3/4 inches // Teeth: Zero // Eyes: Blue // Hair: Blondish-Brown, bald on top, curly at the back of the head

Hello sweet growler!  You are two months old, but have actually lived with us for about 9 weeks now.  You are looking so much more like a little boy every day.  Sometimes I expect you to talk or pop out a tooth; I forget how small and young you really are.  You’ve gained another almost two pounds and grown almost two inches!  You are still small for your age, but you have small parents, so that’s likely your lot in life.  This month you started pulling hair, making cooing and talking noises, and staying awake for longer chunks of time.  You also have a bedtime and a nighttime routine now that we really love.  You are obsessed with white noise- the sounds of pouring rain and a fan are your two favorites.  You still sleep in the bassinet in our room, but you’ve had a few naps in your crib and you did an awesome job.  You are seeing more things, and you need more than contrast to keep you interested now.  We have a little mobile that clips to the sides of your bassinet, and we bought an activity mat that you can lay on and look up at some swinging animals.  As soon as we set you on your play mat, you start kicking and waving your arms like crazy.  You stare very seriously at the little animals and you make loud cooing noises.  We play music in the background and pretend you’re dancing.  There are lots of little video clips of you doing this.

We read books at night, and you love the sound of the book The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.  You listen to a Pandora station of lullabies while you drink your last bottle before I lay you down to sleep.  I hung some strings of colored lights in our bedroom, and you like to stare at the colors on your sheets and the wall.  You are always drawn to lights, so it’s the perfect time of year for you.  You are so VERBAL!  You make lots of conversational noises, and when you’re angry, you always let out a couple of sharp shouts before actually bursting into tears.  When you cry, sometimes there are little tears running down your face, and that basically makes Daddy and I laugh and cry at the same time.  You are, somehow, unbelievably, more precious to us with every day.  This is an amazing feat, considering the fact that you’ve stopped consistently sleeping through the night and are taken to crying jags on random days.  Still, when you go to sleep, we sit together and look at pictures of you because you’re so beautiful to us.  Really.

Here are some firsts from this month:

November 20th: Your first 5k (You cheered on Aunt Laurel and Ari)

November 24th: Your first Thanksgiving (Nonna, Grampy, and Uncle Andrew came here to celebrate; Aunt Laurel was here and we watched the parade and Skyped with everyone in Florida)

November 24th:  First time you smiled at me

November 27th: Your first Christmas tree (We went to the tree lot at Berlin Farms.  You cried a lot but that’s okay.)

December 2nd: Your visit to Boston (actually, Somerville) for dinner with Aunt Pagie, Aunt Laurel, and Ari!

December 14th: Your first shots (This was really sad to see and I actually cried a little, but I tried to be brave for you.)

December 14th: Your first visit to my classroom (My students really loved you and I was so proud to show you off!)

Here are some pictures from your second month:

This month we listened to lots of Christmas music and danced around in your fussy afternoon times.  I “wear” you on my chest, all wrapped up in a scarf and tied behind my back; you like this better than the Baby Bjorn at this point.  You spend the day with Mama and Daddy steals up all the time he can in the mornings before he goes to work.  We had our roof fixed and you loved to hear the hammers on the ceiling.  You like to visit the Christmas tree when you wake up from a nap.  You are our favorite present.  We all can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Love, Mama and Daddy!


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