Why Your Middle Name is Kevin


Milo Kevin, you have a very special name.  Daddy picked out your first name and it is perfect for you- it’s the main singer of a band, the main character in a book, and just the right amount of quirky and fun.  Your middle name is different.  It was already someone else’s name, and now it’s your middle name in memory.

Kevin was my daddy’s first name.  He is one of your grandparents, but you won’t be able to meet him in person, because he died on this day 14 years ago.  We gave you the middle name Kevin to honor and remember my daddy, and (at least in my mind) in the hopes that you would have some of the same characteristics that Grandpa Kevin was known for.  He was very kind and very funny; people loved to be around him because he made them laugh.  He was a hard worker who was devoted to his family.  He was extremely creative and made amazing Halloween costumes and special gifts and read books in silly voices.  He loved the ocean.  He made individual time for each of his daughters; he made a special breakfast for me before the bus stop each morning, and used a mower to create a baseball diamond in the grass for Aunt Laurel.  He was an amazing daddy, and I know he would have been a great grandfather, too.

Grandpa Kevin died very suddenly when I was only 12.  At first it was very hard and I was angry all the time, because I missed my daddy.  Now that I am older and I have my own family, I only want to remember him.  One of the ways I remember him is to talk about him.  Another way I remember him is to look at pictures.  My favorite way I remember him is by giving his name to my firstborn son.

I don’t want to tell you these things about your Grandpa Kevin to make you sad; I’m telling you about him so you can be proud of your wonderful name.  Even though he’s not someone you will see on every trip and holiday, he will be a part of your life because he is one of the people who made me me, and I will be one of the people who make you you.  You will grow up hearing his stories, looking at his pictures, and being a part of the legacy that my daddy, your Grandpa Kevin, has left behind.




3 thoughts on “Why Your Middle Name is Kevin

  1. I didn’t know your father well or long but he touched me in a special way. After Logan, my daughter was born, we were eager to have more children. I got pregnant in the fall of 1997 and had a miscarriage early on. I was very sad and skipped church several weeks in a row. Your dad called “just to see how I was doing”. He didn’t have your mom call or shy away from calling a women who had just experienced a loss. While that may have made someone else experiencing similar loss uncomfortable, I remember thinking what a extraordinary and kind man. I do not remember all the details of the call but I remember feeling cared for. I hope hearing a story you never heard before adds to the memories you have and hold in your heart.

    • Thank you so much. When I think I’ve heard every meaningful story, a new one makes me feel even closer to the perfect memory of him. I really appreciate this.

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