Milo: One Month!

November 13th, 2011 

Weight: 8 pounds, 12 ounces //  Length: 21 inches // Teeth: Zero // Eyes: Blue // Hair: Blondish-Brown

Hello my handsomest little man!  You are one month old!  To me, you look so different than when you first joined our family.  During this month you gained two pounds and grew an inch in length!  Your face is filling out and your legs are much stronger; you kick and beat your fists when you’re mad, and if someone is holding you to their shoulder when you’re hungry, you will wobble your neck and head butt their face.   You are starting to coo and make little noises when you’re not crying.  You love staring at faces and ceilings; the fan in the living room is your best friend, and you stare at it in wonder.  During the day you sleep in the pack’n’play bassinet set up in the living room, and at night we move it into our bedroom, but secretly we let you sleep in our bed more often than we should.  We change your diaper on the changing table in your nursery, but you don’t sleep in your big crib quite yet.  If you are out in public, you are always in your car seat, either in a cart or attached to  the stroller.  You like the sound of running water and the vacuum; you love to lay naked on the soft cover we have over the changing table.  You don’t like having onesies pulled over your head, or someone stopping during your feedings to burp you.  You burp like a grown man!

Here are some of the firsts from this first month:

October 17th: Your first pediatrician’s appointment.

October  18th: Your first outing for fun- a trip to Target with Mama, Daddy, and Mimi!

October 22nd: Your first book- Mama read you Ollie the Stomper by Olivier Dunrea.

October 23rd: Your first time in a stroller on a trip to buy groceries.

October 28th: Your first time visiting a friend’s house- we went to Lindsay and Kate’s house for a game night.

October 29th: Your first snow storm!  It was early in the season and the wet snow knocked down power lines.  It was also your first power outage.

October 30th: Your first night away from home- we stayed at Nonna and Grampy’s house while we waited for the power to come back on.

October 31st: Your first holiday- Happy Halloween!

November 1st: Your first bath in a bathtub.

November 3rd: Your first trip to the Leominster Library.

November 11th: Your first restaurant- you went to Al Dente’s with Mama and Mimi.

Here are some pictures from your first month:


This month you had tons of visitors and so many people gave you gifts.  People always say that you are very small and very well behaved.  You are the absolute center of our existence.  We love you so much and can’t wait to see what new and exciting things happen in this next month!

Love, Mama and Daddy!

(The blanket in your picture was made by Sarah, the froggie doll was a gift from Kate, and the sock monkey was passed down from your cousin Reece.  You are one lucky boy.)




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