Two Weeks Old

Milo, yesterday you were two weeks old!  It was rainy and cold, so we stayed inside all day, but we read stories together, and took pictures of how cute you are, and you tried out your first tummy time!  I feel like you’ve lived in our house for two years, but even after only 14 days together, we’re really starting to figure each other out.

I’m saving all your momentous firsts for your one month recap, but I have to say that you’re really developing a personality.  You are looking around like crazy, and when you really try to focus, your eyes spin in different directions and you look hilarious.  You are quite the little piggy with your bottle, and let milk run all down your face and chest- we have to stop feeding you every couple of sips and wipe you up before you destroy your clothes!  Your face is already much rounder and more baby-like then your delicate little alien skull was at first.  You have stopped only eating and sleeping and have periods of time where you just lay in our arms and look around at the world.  You notice the fan on the ceiling, and when you’re thinking you purse your lips and make a monkey face.  Your eyes roll around in your head when you dream.  You still instinctively keep your knees drawn up to your chest until you’re completely relaxed.  You are prone to hiccups.  Once you sneezed and milk came out of your nose, and you looked at me really expectantly, like, “Hello, lady, please clean this up?”

Daddy and I are very cautious to say this, but we love our routine and we’re adapting really well to having an entirely new life with an entirely new focus.  I honestly can’t remember one worthy thing I did with my time before you came along and taught me to get things done in snatches during naps.  You’re starting to squirm and squeak in your swing, so I’m going to feed you and get ready to take you out for a walk around our neighborhood.  I hope we see some people, because I absolutely love showing you off.  I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks, two months, and two years have in store for us!




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