Seventh Letter


Hi, my sweetest boy,

It’s funny to write to you at this point.  You are so big and such a focal point in our lives that we talk to you and about you almost constantly.  I am 35 weeks pregnant (almost 9 months!) and my belly is very big.  In fact, because I am so short, most people think you are about to pop out while I’m talking to them!  In the past few weeks you have had TWO baby showers thrown for you by people who love you very much.  The house is literally overflowing with gifts that people have bought for you or made for you- everything picked out so very carefully with so much sweet kindness.  I know I keep saying it, but you are seriously a celebrity before you’re even here.

Daddy and I are taking classes now, to have an idea of what to expect while you’re getting here, and once you’ve arrived.  Some of our biggest worries are how you’ll get along with our cat, Penguin, and how we’ll handle all the visitors who will surely be beating our door down to come and see the Famous Mr. Milo!  Some of the things we are looking forward to are taking you to the flea market, taking you to Boston,  reading you books, showing you movies, and dressing you up like a glow worm.  I’m sorry, sweetie, but you are definitely going to spend some time dressed as a glow worm.  Unavoidable.

The weather just turned cooler, and I am so happy that you are going to have a fall birthday.  My birthday is in the fall, too, and I have always loved celebrating with apple picking, hayrides, campfires, cider donuts, and everything that reminds me of autumn and crisp air.  I was disappointed because I was worried that you’ll still be inside me for some of my favorite fall activities, but then it occurred to me that we have the rest of our lives to pick apples in the orchard and wear knit hats and go see the prize-winning pumpkin at the Topsfield fair.  For a long time I was content to have you safely tucked in my belly, where I always knew where you were and if you were safe.  Now, I am itching to get you out.  We have so much to see, Milo.  Come play!

The picture with this letter is my absolute favorite.  It’s a few weeks old, from the summer, when Daddy and I were on vacation.  He gives you a kiss every morning, but this time I captured it on film.  Daddy works to hard to make sure I’m comfortable when I’m trying to lug the both of us around; he gets me glasses of milk and water, rubs my feet every night, does all the dishes and never lets me carry baskets of clothes or bags of groceries.  He is working extra hours to save money so he can be home with you when you are small.  He is making lists of all the most important things he wants to teach you.  You’re so lucky to have a Daddy like him.

I’m going to go wash some tiny little outfits so they’ll be ready for you to come, and maybe hang some beautiful artwork that people gave me to make your nursery a special place.  I’m so glad I took a minute to write down all the thoughts I’m thinking at you.  When you’re here and we’re busy and there is crying and yelling and laughing and playing, I’ll always have these letters to remember the quiet moments I spent, waiting for you.

I love you.  Love, your Mama.





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