Sixth Letter

Hello, sweet baby boy.

I haven’t written you in a little while.  Mama and Daddy have been very busy this summer.  Knowing that you’re coming just fills us up with inspiration and excitement, and we’ve been doing so many projects!

The bathroom you will see when you get here is brand new; we got rid of yucky tile and a old tub, and now there is a clean place for us to scrub your tiny toes.

Daddy made a movie trailer with some friends, and he did it the “old fashioned” way- hiring actors, finding props in thrift stores, using lights and film cameras.  Other people are already asking him to write movie scripts for them.  You have a funny, handsome, creative Daddy.   When you’re 27, you can watch what he made.

I’m busy working at summer school in the mornings and going to class for my master’s degree in the evenings.  I’m also getting my classroom ready so that when you come, I don’t have to worry about what is going on over in first grade.  You are going to have a strong and smart Mama, and all my attention is going to be on you.

In a few weeks, we’re going to have a garage sale to try and make more room for our family that keeps growing!  After the garage sale, we’re going on a trip to visit Mimi and Grandpa and your Aunt Julianna and Aunt Emily in Florida.  We see Nona and Papa and Uncle Andrew in Ipswich on the weekends when the weather is nice for driving, and Aunt Laurel comes to visit us a lot.  You have a big family waiting to squeeze you!

Last night, you pushed against me so hard that Daddy and I could see you move my belly!  We watched it for a little while; it was very strange to think of you squirming around and kicking inside me.  Actually, it was sort of creepy at first!  One day, if you’re watching your baby kick around inside of a woman’s belly, you’re going to understand.  You’ve been kicking strong all day and Daddy has been texting me from work, telling me that he can’t wait to come home and try for another “Milo sighting.”  Milo, you’re already our world.

I’m seven months pregnant now.  I have a countdown calendar that tells me that I have 78 days until you’re here.  It seems like it’s going to be here too fast in the same way that it feels like it’s going to be too long to wait.  I want to have everything perfect before you are here, and somehow I have a feeling that nothing will be perfect until you finally arrive.

I love you, Milo.  Love, your Mama.


One thought on “Sixth Letter

  1. This is the first time I saw my name in print. I’m liking “Mimi”. Mr. Milo, you are already loved to the moon and back. ❤

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