Fourth Letter

Hello, sweetheart!

I want to show you that we started working on your nursery this weekend!  Our house has two small bedrooms, and we used to use one as an office and one for sleeping.  This weekend we squished everything together and got it all spiffied up so there is one room for us and one room for you.

This is what our bedroom used to look like:

And this is what our office used to look like:

That desk was Daddy’s major command center.  He kept books, bills, scripts, notes, and things that he sells in all the special little cubby holes.  But that was before the major switch this weekend!  Now our old bedroom is your new nursery, and we have a cozy bedroom where the office used to be.  We love our “new house,” but it was a lot of work!

We ripped EVERYTHING out of the rooms:

And then Daddy added a fresh coat of paint to what will be your new bedroom:

We worked very hard all weekend to get rid of lots of clutter and make room for sweetheart you.  Here is a tiny sneak peek of your nursery:

It’s so amazing to have a space that is just devoted to you already in the house.  We are lucky, and have lots of gifts from family and friends.  You are also being born into a house of books and movies, and we’ve been collecting classics for you since before we knew you were coming.  The bookcase is special because before it was for your toys, it held Daddy’s papers next to his desk.  The pictures on it are from a movie that you’ll probably see as soon as your eyes can focus on something.  The books are books my Mama and Daddy used to read to me when I was very small.  You already have heirlooms, baby doll!

We both think your room is going to be the coziest little place for you and some of the many things you’ll have before you’re even on this earth.  Sometimes it feels like there is so much to do before you get here, and sometimes it feels like I’m already just waiting around to hold you in my arms.  These days you are rolly rolly rolly.   I feel you move so often.  Daddy and I talk to you a lot and call you by name now, even though we’re being mean and not telling anyone else what we chose.  I am so excited for the first time Daddy feels you kick.

I’m going to go lay in bed and feel you move around and wonder about what kinds of foods you’ll like and what funny things you’ll say.  I love you so much that I can’t put it into words.  I can’t wait to see you.

Love, your Mama


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