Third Letter

Hi sweetheart!

So much has happened since the last time I wrote to you.  You are getting so big now- you have a face, and hands and arms, and legs and feet.  Daddy and I got to see every little piece of you last Thursday when we went for an ultrasound.  It was amazing to see your heart beat and to watch your spine flex when you moved.  You were super wiggly and kept putting your hands in front of your face.  The lady was pushing down so hard with the ultrasound wand and I watched you try to squirm away from her and both Daddy and I started laughing.  I had to pull myself together so we could keep going.  About halfway through, the lady said “Oh.  It’s a boy.”

You are a boy.  It might sound silly, but you’re even more real now than you were before.  We love, love, love you.

You are also a wiggle worm.  I haven’t felt you kick hard yet, but I can definitely feel you rolling around and bumping about inside me.  I feel flutters and once I felt either a hand or a foot drag across my belly.  When you get sleepy or I’ve been busily running around, I’ll notice that you hold still.  Then I get worried that you’re holding TOO still and a drink something with sugar so you’ll start moving again.  It’s only happened twice.  I’m already a silly Mama.

My belly is much rounder at this point.  This week I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant, which is about the halfway point, and you are about the size of a cantaloupe.   Daddy loves to rub and kiss my belly to say goodbye to you before I go to work.  The books and websites say that you can hear us now, so we talk to you.  I’ll start reading to you soon.

We went to register for baby things, and pick out the crib you’ll sleep in and stroller that you’ll ride in.  Mimi was here for a visit from Florida and we met up with Nona and Papa, and Aunt Laurel came, too.  Babies need a lot of stuff and it was a little overwhelming, but we just kept remembering that you’ll mostly just want hugs from us and the rest of the things will just be extra.  Next weekend we’re switching furniture to start setting up your nursery.  Before we know it, you’ll be here.

Keep being wiggly, it doesn’t bother me at all.  I’ll pick out some good books for us to read together.  Think about whether or not you’re willing to try out cloth diapers.  And if you have any name inspiration, please whisper it to me.  I absolutely love you with my whole heart, sweet little boy.

Love, your Mama


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