Second Letter

Hello little baby!

I haven’t talked to you in a little while.  You have been very busy growing, receiving your first gifts, and going places with your daddy and I.  You’re as big as a navel orange and very close to the size of an avocado.  Already my belly is looking bigger and my clothes are fitting differently, which helps me remember that you are still growing in there.  So far you don’t kick me and I can’t feel you swirling around.  I don’t even know if you are a girl or a boy, but Daddy and I have names picked out for both possibilities.  No matter what, your name will start with ‘M.’

You have been all over the place in your short little existence!    You came with me on a road trip to Vermont- we drove with Aunt Laurel, and it was the first time that you “met” Aunt Tanya, my grandma and papa, my Mama and Ray (who haven’t decided what you’ll call them yet), and your cousin Page.  You also went to a Celtics game, and our team won!  There was a little baby sitting near us, but he seemed to hate the loud noise, so you probably won’t come to another game with us for a few more years.   Daddy loves to go to the movie theater, and tonight you came with us for the first time since you’ve been around.  The first movie you witnessed in the theater was Source Code.  When you read this, you can look that up 🙂  Tomorrow morning will be your first Walk for Hunger.  It’s a charity walk in Boston that we do every year, and even though we probably won’t finish the entire 20 miles tomorrow, I’m so excited to continue the tradition as a family.

You are getting more popular all the time.  Lots more people know that you’re coming now, and even though people have been having babies since the beginning of time, it always brings a smile when we share our good news.  Your cousin Reece sent you some presents, and they’re very special: one of his precious sock monkeys, and one of his most important baby blankets.  I almost cried when Aunt Tanya gave me these things to pass on to you; I can’t believe Reece already loves you so much that he’s sharing his treasures.  My friend Sarah bought you some awesome sports-team onesies, which are so teensy and cute that I hold them and imagine that I’m already squeezing you.  Your Nonna (Daddy’s mom) bought you a little sled we can bundle you up in when you’re finally here.  Seriously, little one, everyone loves you.

On Tuesday, I go to the midwives again, and a few weeks after that, I should be able to see you on the ultrasound again.  This time you will be less blobby and more like a small person.  Maybe by the time I write you next, you’ll have a name!  But I still think I’ll hold that in my heart and just WHISPER it to you for a little longer.  I like calling you Beeba, Peapod, Pumpkin, and little one out loud.  I’ll probably keep doing it when you’re here.  Stay safe in there, keep up the good work growing.  Your fan club on the outside is cheering for you.

I love you,

Your mama


3 thoughts on “Second Letter

  1. I saw your comment about the bachelorette pins and plan on sharing the PDF in a guest post next week; keep an eye on the blog for it!

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